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It seems that time heals all wounds. Today, the Edsel has become something of a cult classic, and good examples can be highly sought. This Edsel Corsair is a really nice one and could look great parked in your driveway.

It is located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. In reality, there was no single reason why the Edsel was a failure but changed circumstances and bad decisions would feature prominently on the list. The reality was that the Edsel was not the all-new car that Ford claimed, while it was released during an economic slump.


Quality control was a lucky-dip, and this was due to one of those really bad management decisions that demonstrate better than most why the car was a failure. Edsel did not have its own manufacturing facility, with the cars rolling off the production lines of both Ford and Mercury. Ford made the decision that Edsel production should not impact on build totals for either Ford or Mercury vehicles, so these extra cars would need to be fitted into existing production schedules.

Easy Project: 1958 Edsel Corsair

As a result, prior to the introduction of the Edsel, Ford was sending around cars-per-hour down their lines. Many of the build stations would have to change tools and pick parts from different bins for the automotive orphan.

This Corsair wears a color combination of Turquoise and Frost White. It is believed that the car has received a repaint at some point in its life. It now shows a few chips and marks, but it remains quite presentable. The car has a reasonable coating of dust at present, so it would be interesting to see how the paint, along with the trim and chrome, would present after a wash and polish.

The tinted glass looks to be in good condition, as does the distinctive horse-collar grille. There is no visible rust, and the owner says that he has been over the car from one end to the other with a magnet, and can find no issues.

edsel corsair

The floors are said to be solid, while the frame has been fully restored and painted. Standard fare with the Edsel Corsair was the E V8 engine, which is what you find in the engine bay today. This ci giant pumps out hp, which is sent to the rear wheels via a 3-speed automatic transmission.The Edsel Corsair is an automobile that was produced and sold by Edsel in and Forthe Corsair was built on the longer, wider Edsel platform shared with Mercury.

The Corsair represented the next-to-highest trim level available within the Edsel brand. Available either as a two-door or four-door hardtop, the Corsair, like the premium Citationshared its roof lines with Mercury models, as well as internal body components.

Body parts between the Corsair and Citation models could not be shared with either the Ranger or Pacerwhich were built on the shorter, narrower Ford frames. A deep-dished safety steering wheel was standard. In emergency situations, damage to the transmission that might occur if the driver hit the Teletouch unit instead of the steering wheel's horn ring was prevented by an electro-hydraulic switch activated by internal transmission fluid pressure.

While their roll-out was highly publicized in the fall ofEdsels were a marketing disaster for Ford and Ford's corporate strategy for meeting General Motors ' product line for product line. Total Corsair output for the model stood at 9, units, only slightly better than the Citation. Of these units, 3, were hardtop coupes 3, U.

The Edsels were introduced in the fall of However, for the model year, the Citation and Pacer models were dropped from Edsel's model range foras was the trouble-prone Teletouch system. Unlike inthe Corsair now shared its body panels with the Ranger - the two being differentiated by trim and options.

The Corsair also gained a four-door sedan and convertible version. The entire series was based on the Ford Fairlane Replacing the Teletouch transmission was the Mile-O-Matica two-speed automatic, or Dual-Power Drive 3-speed automatic only available with the With total Corsair output at 9, the Corsair was discontinued.

For2, hardtop coupes 2, U. Although a Corsair was never produced, Ford did originally consider offering it as a deluxe upgrade from the Ranger series. At least one prototype was produced, a two-door hardtop based on the Ford Galaxie Starliner. The prototype featured the Edsel grille, but with a huge vertical chrome bar at its center, rising above the hood line.Original plans for the Edsel had been in place well before the model was introduced.

1958 Engines

A decision was made in early to drop the big Edsels from the line, leaving Mercury to stand alone in the Ford stables with a mid-size car.

The remaining Edsels were to be renamed - "Ranger" surviving as the standard version and "Corsair" taking the deluxe model spot that was to be the Pacer. With the disasterously low sales volume of the model, costs had to be slashed on the Edsel.

In a series of money-saving measures, the Teletouch Drive transmission that was originally planned as an option on the Edsel, was eliminated. Unique design elements were cut, and the Edsel began to lose some of the features that made it distinct. Taillights from the Continental were used, the chassis was the same as the Fairlane, and the dashboard became almost identical to the Ford.

Also, as a result of the public's changing need for a more economical car, the available engine size for Edsels were significantly smaller than in the models. The powerful E motor was eliminated, and the E that was once standard was now a high-performance option. Styling was much more conservative this year as well.

The large distinctive grille was reduced and incorporated into a more Ford-like horizontal configuration. None of the changes could turn the marque around, and sales dropped well below the model year totals.

edsel corsair

The future of the Edsel was in serious jeopardy. There were no production cars released from this plant. Production of the line was started on September 23, Introduction of the line was made on October 31, The last model Edsel was assembled on August 26, Total Production for all models: 44, Sound like a lot?

In the same year, Ford sold more low price 2-door Ranch station wagons than all Edsels combined! With 12, units produced, the Ranger 4-dr sedan is the largest single model of all Edsels. In Canada, all Edsel station wagons and convertibles were imported on wheels from the U. Std on convertible.The solution was the Edsel brand, which skillfully blended Ford and Mercury features to fill the niche between the two nameplates.

Buyers were able to customize their cars through a vast array of options, accessories, and trim upgrades. With the introduction of the Edsel brand inFord created a completely new organization to handle its marketing and sales. Over 1, dealers had signed up in advance. The public launch on September 4th ofintroduced the 'roadblock' advertising techniques; Edsel ads were shown on all three broadcast television networks simultaneously.

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Perhaps even better known than its spectacular introduction was the company's demise. Barely two years later, the last Edsel left the production line. This earnestly and elaborately planned attempt to fill in Ford's range had nearly destroyed the Ford Motor Company.

Bodystyles of the Corsair included a two- and four-door hardtop. They had similar appearances to Mercurys Both the Corsair and Citation shared many components with the Mercury with a longer footprint, unique roof styling, wraparound backlight, and Corsair identification. The horse collar center grille housed the Edsel block lettering.

Both the Corsair and Citation were powered by an eight-cylinder, overhead valve, cubic inch engine offering horsepower. It was mated to a three-speed automatic transmission with push-button Teletouch Drive. The front suspension was independent with coil springs. In the back was a live axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs. Hydraulic actuated brakes were located at all four corners.

Standard equipment included courtesy lights on the instrument panel, two coat hooks, chromed inside rearview mirror, white vinyl headliner, color-keyed floor carpeting, cigarette lighter, ashtrays, and front and rear armrests.

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A total of 3, examples of the two-door and 5, of the four-door were built. This car is equipped with the 'E' Engine Edsel engines were the only engines to have torque rating on rocker arm coverscubic-inch, horsepower, ft-lbs of torque. There is a 'Teletouch' Pushbutton gear selector. Features include tu Toggle navigation conceptcarz. Toggle vehicle navigation Edsel Corsair Menu. Related Reading : Edsel Corsair History. The production lifespan of the Edsel Corsair lasted from through The Corsair was nearly the top-of-the-line Edsel for and featured many high-grade amenities and appointments.

The Corsair was given stainless steel trim and deluxe wheel covers. It was offered in both a two-door or four-door hardtop and was powered by V8 engine that displaced cubic-inches and produced horsepower Vehicle Profiles.

Hardtop Sedan This car is equipped with the 'E' Engine Edsel engines were the only engines to have torque rating on rocker arm coverscubic-inch, horsepower, ft-lbs of torque.

Similar Automakers. Similarly Sized Vehicles from Similarly Priced Vehicles. Edsel: Similar Automakers Edsel Models. Recent Vehicle Additions. Driving Impressions : Jeep Gladiator Jeeps are incredibly popular.

Functional vehicles like SUVs and, of course, Jeeps have a grip on the market. Hardtop Coupe 3, Hardtop Sedan 5, 63, total vehicles produced by Edsel in All rights reserved.See Autopedia's comprehensive Edsel Corsair Review.

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edsel corsair

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Ford Motor Company. Please include any external sites that were used in collaborating this data, including manufacturer sites, in this section. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Edsel Ford.Login Register Sitemap Contact us Home. This was a shorter and narrower platform. These cars typically could be equiped with a straight six and manual transmisions and could be optioned as any Ford platform allowed.

Engine size could be up to the maximum of a ci V8 with automatic. These cars were consider to be top of the line.

1959 Engines

Interior appointments were also top of the line. At last check, everything is working as it should including gas guage and the factory compass.

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Front suspension rebuilt. Fan belts, water hoses and fuel line hoses. It has a new carbuerator, rebuilt radiator, and water pump. Car starts right up.

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Body is nice and straight, Chrome is nice. When looking at the pictures that I have, it would appear to be a frame off restoration.

I can't guarrantee that, but it looks like it. It looks like anything that needed to be done was addressed. Every thing looks to be professional in the repairs. I will supply all documentation that I have which inclues all receipts and photos of the repairs in process. More Edsel classic cars for sale. Moultonborough, New Hampshire, United States. Make an Enquiry.Everybody knows the story of Edsel, the premium car division created by Ford in the late s that was such an abysmal failure that its very name became shorthand for any kind of notable product disaster.

Today, we jump ahead a couple of decades with in-car video from as German racer Jurgen Barth takes his Porsche around the circuit. While the circuit is similar, except […]. InPorsche updated and upgraded its S with a 3. The S became the SC, which was available as a coupe or with a Targa top. Inits final year of production, the car was available as […].

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1958 Edsel Corsair

Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. Un-restored original car. Very solid. Rebuilt HP engine and aut Only Ranger 2dr Hardtops were produced in and this Esdel is a true survivor. With original Being only one of produced, this Edsel is rare and unique. Of course, it's not everyday that yo Auction Vehicle. This is a show quality Edsel. I will post additional pictures when out of storage.

This Edsel Villager Wagon is in beautiful yellow over a tan interior. This is one rare car. Chrome and brightwork are i We all want our classic car to have a story, and that's what makes this Edsel Villager wagon i Great running Great condition always garage kept beautiful car gets a lot of attention.

Refine Search. The Pick of the Day shows just how wonderful an Edsel can be. The Pick of the Day is a Villager with a foot Fleetform runabout in tow. The Pick of the Day is an attractive convertible from a brand with a checkered past. Pick of the Day: Porsche SC comes with complete owner history. Interested In Other Items?

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